Range of services

Solicitor's Office provides services within complete legal advice starting from civil cases in the scope of contract law, law of succession (e.g. ascertainment of coming into an inheritance, department of inheritance), property law (e.g. dissolution of co-ownership), family law (e.g. divorce, severance of a jointure between spouses) to criminal and economic cases. Solicitor's Office provides business entities with legal service within:
- drawing up and giving an opinion on trade contracts;
- negotiating contents of contracts with contractors and representing a Client in the negotiations;
- legal service of investments connected with property turnover;
- setting up and registration of companies as well as legal councelling during their functioning, among others.
Apart from the above mentioned issues, Solicitor specialises in issues concerning medical law:
- civil and criminal responsibility for damages caused during treatment;
- legal responsibility of health care workers - doctor, nurse, emergency worker for medical and doctoral errors;
- representing natural persons (patients, doctors, nurses and midwives, emergency workers) and health care institutional entities before courts of general jurisdiction and corporate courts (Chamber of Physicians, Chamber of Nurses and Midwives.)